Dealers and their spaces as of 10-26-23 - See the On-Line Map   NOV 18,19  2023  Vendor Spaces
http://www.tannersreno.com Reno Sparks Convention Center  
Dealers, please verify your specialty and let me know of any changes - Tx Dan Yellow = Confirmed signups
Business Name Name Booth Number Specialty
Sisters Theresa Mueting 1,2 Antiques and Collectibles, Jewelry +
  David Daniel 3,49,50 Antiques and Collectibles
  Glen Gulick 4,5 Antiques and Collectibles
Ecklund Antiques Nancy Ecklund 6,7,65,70 Antiques and Collectibles and Vintage Jewelry
  John Ojeda 8,9 Fine Antiques and Collectibles
Eagle Framing and Art Gallery David Pirtle 10 Sports cards, Marbles, Hot Wheels, Coins, Art and Framing
VINTAGE TIMES & TREASURES April and Jerry Sargent 11,12 Antiques and Collectibles, Military and Victorian
Serendipity-Bobbles, Trinkets & Treasures Michele Kim 15,16 Vintage / Estate Jewelry
Qu'nStar African Market Frank Amankonah 19 African hand-woven baskets, hats, baskets, table mats, fans, waist beads, bracelets, necklaces, ++
  Karla Macleod 20 Food Products Prepackaged Amish Popcorn, Olives BBQ Sauce, Salad Dressing, Jam
The 2 Wild Women of Reno Petra Verzosa & Mary Morales 21,22,23 Handmade Baby Items, Costume Jewelry, Books, Puzzles, Holiday Items
  Paul and Terry 24 Antiques, Collectibles and Jewelry
  Steve Olguin 25 Antiques and Vintage Toys, Military Items
  Karen Slembrouck 26,27 Aladdin Alacite & other vintage electric table lamps,pottery, glass, fine, silver & costume jewelry
  Michael Fahrenbruch 31 Antiques and Collectibles
Treasure of the Sierra Madre Antiques Glen Movey 32,33,34 Antiques and Collectibles
  Mike Holland 35 Antiques and vintage items
  Jennie Weiger 36 Antiques and Collectibles
  Veronica Carr 38,39,40 Antiques and Collectibles
Classic Nevada Nadia Beekun 41,46 Stamp Collecting, Rocks and Minerals, Antiques
  Gil Biggie 42,47 Extraordinary Buttons at Reasonable Prices!  CraftS, Courture CollectIbles
  Bob & Cathy Craig 43,48 Antiques and Collectibles
  Heather Elliott 44 Antiques, glassware, Linen, jewelry, misc.
  Carole Taylor 45 Misc Knicknacks
Mendocino Memories Alex Youssoupoff 51 Jewelry and Unset Stones
  Mike Gerth 52,57 Beer and Casino Collectibles
  Ed Gandolfo 53,58 Antiques and Collectibles
  Rose Ann Capriotti 54,59 Antiques and Collectibles
Blooms d' Bella Bree Tony and Judy Stacey 55,60 Football Bears, Crocheted Animals, Silk Florals, Blinged Pic Frames, Treasure Boxes +
  Robert Wickstrom 56 Vintage Hotwheels, Toys
Yolo Gold and Silver Doug Scougale 61,62,66,67 Coins, Gold and Silver, Jewelry and Small Antiques
  Linda Isaac 63,68 Hot Pads, Baby items, Towles and Blankets
Beccaboos Crafts Lynda & Lauren Kaiser 64,65 3D printed toys and collectables
My Shop Dennis Canavan 71,72,76,77 Antiques and Collectibles, Blenko, ArtGlass, Dinnerware, Pottery
  Theresa Prina-Tonner 73 Jewelry, Antiques and Collectibles
Scentsy Fragrance Products Sandy Johnson 74 Scentsy Fragrance Products
  DeLynda DeLeon 75 Antiques and Collectibles
  Elliot Drucker 78 End grain cutting boards, wood trivets and Nevada cutting boards, trivets and banks
  Mike Valentine 81,82,86,87 Antiques and Collectibles
  Arline McCauley 83 Oil Paintings, Stuffed Animals, Tote Bags, Jewlery, Birdhouses, Needlepoint
S&A DESIGN STUDIO Susan & Annette 84,85,89,90,94,95 We will have a great selection of Unique Antiques, Re-Purposed Furniture, Man-Cave Galore!
Vintage and Native American Jewelry, AND MORE!
  Tim Ritter 88 Sports Collectibles
  Tom McBride 91,92 Antiques and Collectibles
MissBeeHaven Farm Stacy Grimes 93 Raw Local Honey, Jams, Jellies, Baked Goods and Energy Balls
  Larry Purdon 96 Guy Stuff
Woods You Look At Those Nails Christina Woods 97 Color Street Nail Polish
  Doug Harper 98 Sports Collectibles