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Actionable Steps to Growing Your Reach as a Creative


This probably isn’t the first time you’ve thought about taking your creative passion and turning it into a career. But it seems like quite a daunting — if not impossible — prospect, doesn’t it?


Here’s the thing: You can build your brand as a creative and forge a successful career with the right combination of perseverance, hard work, and creative strategies.

Tanner’s Marketplace has listed some actionable steps to make it happen!


Always hone your craft.


Developing your craft is the most crucial part of turning your passion into a career. Whether you’re a crafter, illustrator, sculptor, or another type of creative, having the skill set necessary to create something beautiful or unique is essential.


The key to success lies in staying ahead of the game by continuously learning new techniques and refining the ones you already have. Take classes online or at local art schools, read books on the latest trends in your field, watch tutorials — do anything that stretches your abilities and moves you forward!


Create a new resume.


Making a resume (or updating an existing one) tailored specifically for creators is crucial for showing potential customers and employers what makes you stand out from other professionals doing similar work. Highlight all the skills that make up who you are as an artist, whether it’s painting and illustration experience, sewing techniques, or working with specific software programs. Showcase any awards or recognition that prove why people should hire you over someone else. And add recommendations from past clients if possible.


If your resume is in PDF format, look for tools that can help you update the document more efficiently. An online PDF editor lets you make changes with just a few clicks, including everything from adding specific keywords and phrases to formatting text, fonts, and images. Quickly adjust margins, add sections or notes, and include links to highlight your professional presence. It’s simple and efficient — perfect for creating job applications that stand out from the rest!


Design a brand.  


Creating a brand identity that shines among others in your field will help bring attention — and customers — to what you’re doing. In other words, it’s one of the most critical steps to take when making a living from your passion!


Developing a logo that accurately reflects who you are as an artist is essential. Maybe this means using bright colors if you specialize in creating vibrant artwork or minimalistic design elements if simplicity is more fitting for what you do best. Consider this step carefully, as it will determine how (and how many) people recognize and remember who you are.


Build a stellar website or portfolio.  


Building an online presence for yourself is non-negotiable when it comes time for people around the world to find out about your work. Start by making a website or portfolio that showcases all of your best pieces. It should be easy to navigate so potential customers have no trouble finding exactly what they’re looking for.


Also, set up social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and any other relevant platforms where followers can stay updated on current projects and upcoming events. By posting engaging content on a regular basis, you can inspire your followers to help spread awareness about the fantastic projects you're taking on!


Optimize your digital marketing efforts.


Finally, determine how you can take your digital marketing strategy to the next level. Remember that the ultimate goal is to get your work in front of as many eyes as possible so that you can garner a following and sell more of your pieces.


Research and utilize keywords relevant to the kind of work, artists, and events potential customers might be interested in. That way, when they search for these words and phrases, they’ll find you at the top of the search results because of your optimization efforts.


Wrapping Up


Turning your passion into a profession is no easy task, but you can accomplish it by working hard and implementing the tips above. Keep researching other ways to position yourself for a strong start and long-lasting success. And most importantly, stay true to your craft as you expand your horizons and establish your reputation as a unique creative in your field!


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